Oxford Archaeological Lead Isotope Database


The collection of samples of ores was done in collaboration with Dr. Fulvia Lo Schiavo and her colleagues (Sardinia), Dr. Roberto Maggi (Liguria) and Agip S.p.A. (Tuscany and Sardinia). The samples of archaeological artefacts from Liguria were taken with Dr. Maggi, whilst Sardinian copper ingots were sampled by Gale in Sardinia with the collaboration of Dr Lo Schiavo. Further samples of Sardinian copper ingots were provided by Professor Robert Maddin and Dr Tamara Stech. Beyond neutron activation analyses made in the Isotrace Laboratory the copper ingots were analysed for their chemical composition by Prof. Robert Maddin and Dr. John Merkel in Harvard. Samples of Sardinian artefacts were kindly provided by Professor Junghans from the collection of archaeological metal samples in Stuttgart and from the British Museum.


Italian ores    


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